different types of soy
Cancer Care

Can Soy Cause Breast Cancer?

Research consistently shows that soy-based foods do not increase cancer risk


The Benefits of Holy Basil (Tulsi)

This herb offers different benefits from the basil you find in pesto

Family Medicine

10 Colds Not To Catch This Winter

The flu, RSV, COVID-19, pneumonia and more typically circulate during cold weather months


Manganese vs. Magnesium: Two Important Minerals With Key Differences

They’re both essential minerals but do different jobs in your body

Staying Well During Respiratory Season

Someone uses a wall-mounted jet dryer to dry their hands.
Cold & Flu

The Dirty Truth About Hand Dryers

Some dryers spread germs instead of removing them

mail next to rubber gloves
Infectious Disease

Here’s How Long COVID-19 Lasts on Surfaces

The virus lives best in humans, but it can last on hard surfaces, like doorknobs and railings

Closeup of person getting a flu shot.
Cold & Flu

6 Tips To Prep for Flu Season

Get vaccinated, consider wearing a mask and stock your medicine cabinet

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

apple stuffing

Recipe: Apple Stuffing

A sweet twist on this holiday dish, complete with fiber and antioxidants

person drinking coffee at computer at night

Is It Bad To Drink Coffee Late at Night?

Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine, a late-night cup may be just fine

cranberry sauce with pecans on top

Recipe: Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Impress your Thanksgiving guests with this homemade treat!

Common Concerns

clock with diet foods and water
Weight Loss

The 10 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

Trying fad diets and skipping meals won’t do you any favors

person snoring in bed with partner

Could You Have Sleep Apnea Without Knowing It?

Ignoring the warning signs could put you at risk for serious health issues

person with nosebleed
Ear, Nose & Throat

When To Worry About a Nosebleed

Seek help if bleeding doesn’t stop or they’re interfering with your life

Taking Care of Family

Sad thin elderly adult looking out window.
Brain & Spine

Alzheimer’s Disease and Weight Loss: Why It Happens and What Can Be Done

Finding the causes of weight loss is key to treatment

Pregnant person thinking about food choices as they circle their head.
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Nutrition During Pregnancy: Foods To Include and Foods To Avoid

A healthy pregnancy diet includes good amounts of folic acid, DHA, calcium and more

Shingles present on a shoulder of a light skinned person.
Infectious Disease

No, You Can’t Get Shingles if You’ve Never Had Chickenpox

But if you haven’t been vaccinated, you could get chickenpox from somebody with shingles

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holy basil leaves known as tulsi
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The Benefits of Holy Basil (Tulsi)

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different types of soy
November 30, 2023 / Cancer Care

Can Soy Cause Breast Cancer?

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food groups with manganese and magnesium
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Manganese vs. Magnesium: Two Important Minerals With Key Differences

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tropical smoothie
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Recipe: Cool Tropical Smoothie

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person stressing
November 29, 2023 / Mental Health

6 Ways To Feel Less Anxious in the Morning

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Living With Chronic Conditions

person speaking with their doctor

Huntington’s Disease

Learn about exercises, nutrition, safety tips and more

hand scratching leg with eczema


Learn about the best diet, home remedies, topical creams and more

Woman with night sweats trying to sleep in bed

Vasomotor Symptoms

Learn how to manage hot flashes and night sweats related to menopause

close up of hand with psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

Explore home remedies, managing fatigue, nail and foot care, and more

person sitting and speaking with two health care providers


Explore tips on sharing your diagnosis, self-care and more

person sitting with migraine pains and visible aura

Chronic Migraines

Learn about tackling symptoms, avoiding triggers and more

Health Essentials Podcast by Cleveland Clinic
Heart Health

What A Heart Attack Feels Like with Leslie Cho, MD

“Subtle” isn’t a word most people think of when it comes to heart attack symptoms — but it can be an apt description at times. Learn the difference between a “Hollywood” heart attack and reality in this podcast with cardiologist Leslie Cho.