On the Road Again With Constipation

Excited about that upcoming trip? Less excited about trying to stay regular while on the road or in the sky? A gastroenterologist provides 10 tips to ward off and combat constipation while traveling.

person eating on a plane

Can a Hernia Heal Itself Without Surgery?

Hernias don’t go away on their own, but they don’t always require surgery either. A general surgeon explains what hernias are and the different treatment options to speak with your provider about.

Hernia presenting from the intestines breaching the muscular wall of the stomach, showed via a diagram and location on a person's body.
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Can Gas Cause Chest Pain?

When intestinal gas gets trapped in your chest, the pain can be intense. Some people even wonder if they’re having a heart attack. While chest pain can signal a real emergency, there are ways to tell the difference between gas and heart attack symptoms — as well as options for finding relief.

How Do I Choose the Best Fiber Supplement?

Whether you experience diarrhea, constipation or a combination of the two, fiber supplements can help normalize your bowels. But with so many to choose from, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Sometimes, it’s as easy as talking with your healthcare provider.

spoonful of fiber added to a glass of water
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Why Do I Get Hunger Pangs?

Can’t stop your stomach from gnawing and rumbling? In most cases, a balanced meal is all you need. But if hunger pangs aren’t leaving you alone, learn what you can do about them.

Person in gym eating banana after exercising while sitting crosslegged on floor mat with towel around neck and water bottle on floor near their knee.