How Does Dementia Affect Sleep?

Caring for someone with dementia can be a challenge. It’s can be even harder if your loved one doesn’t have a regular sleep pattern. Behavioral sleep experts explain why dementia affects sleep and how to get a good night’s sleep.

Elder person awake at night sitting on bed in the darkness.

10 Tips for Changing Your Diet After a Stroke

Choosing healthy foods can help you manage your blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lower your risk of having another stroke. A dietitian shares tips for making better food choices to help meet your goals and improve your health.

Healthy meal of salmon, brown rice and broccoli with peas on a white plate.
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Early Warning Signs of Dementia

A neuropsychologist details early warning signs of dementia and why getting lost in familiar places, confusion over simple tasks, and late-in-life changes in mood and behavior can all be concerning.

Elderly person in parking lot holding car keys and looking confused.

What Is Cleveland Clinic’s Brain Study?

Today, doctors diagnose neurological disorders only after brain damage has occurred. The first-of-its-kind Cleveland Clinic Brain Study hopes to change this by identifying signs of these neurological disorders earlier. Learn more about the study.

Hand holding magnifying glass examining the brain and data from a study.
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Does Caffeine Help Migraines?

If you have migraines, should you avoid caffeine? The answer isn’t so simple. A headache expert explains how consuming too much caffeine may be a trigger, but a small amount may even be beneficial.

Top view of a person holding acoffee cup over a table at breakfast.