Why Am I Still Tired After a Good Night’s Sleep?

So, you got your eight hours of sleep. But as soon as you wake up, you feel like you could already head back to bed. Here are some other reasons why you may be feeling fatigued or exhausted during the day, as well as ways to get a better night’s rest.

Tired adult with head propped on hand trying to do research with books on table.
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Up at 3 a.m.? Here Are Possible Reasons Why

From bathroom breaks to racing thoughts, waking up at 3 a.m. can stem from a lot of things. While it’s usually harmless, consistent late-night awakenings may be a sign of something more serious.

How To Stop Your Mind From Racing and Get To Sleep

Does it feel like whenever you close your eyes to get some sleep, there’s a movie playing on repeat in your head without your permission? Racing thoughts are a common issue many people have. Learn how you can tame your mind for better sleep.